TPD trailers equals Custom Built Trailers. We have been manufacturing and selling our custom built enclosed trailers since 1984. Specializing in the motor sports industry, we offer a complete line of tag-along, goose-neck, and 5th wheels, covering a wide range of applications. Your vision of a custom built trailer, is what we build. It was never our intention to flood the market with mass produced trailers, but to enhance the trailer market with a superior trailer using the latest technology. Our primary philosophy is to build and design a structurally sound, low maintenance, aerodynamically correct, product.

Our customers tell us that we have not only achieved this standard, but have exceeded it. We have a fantastic dealer base in California and are currently working on future expansion plans.

A bit about our custom built trailers:

TPD trailers are built with only the highest quality materials, and our craftsmanship is second to none. We use a uni-body frame offering the utmost in wall support and structural integrity. The composite material we use is structural, not to be mistaken for standard RV composite material used by our competition. Our aluminum trim is of truck grade, not your standard thin wall. The main fastener used on a TPD trailer is also used in the aviation industry. What does this tell you? Our custom built trailers are built to last! You can kick the walls as hard as you like and all you will get is a sore foot. Did I mention their resale value? Try and find a used one, and you will see what I mean.

Hardbody Composite Construction: Before choosing a trailer, take a moment to compare all the benefits a TPD “Hardbody Composite Trailer” has to offer over a typical aluminum sided trailer.

Since 1984 TPD has completely reinvented the way trailers are designed and built.

  •  TPD’s Composite Trailers weigh less than any aluminum trailer equipped with the same features!
  •  TPD’s Hardbody Composite Trailers are impervious to moisture, hard impacts, even heavy snow loads.
  •  TPD’s composite skin will not warp due to heat nor will it transfer it back into the interior of the trailer.
  •  White Board interiors!  You can write on any surface you want including the walls, ceiling, floor, cabinets, desktops, etc.
  •  TPD’s all composite body is highly resistant to chemicals, fuels, oils, and dirt.  Our composite floors can be sprayed off with water! “This simply can’t be done with any other trailer. Companies like U-Haul, UPS, Ryder, and Hertz Penske have all switched to composite construction for it’s lasting durability”.

Custom Design: Most trailer manufacturers mass-produce thousands of cargo trailers a year, while TPD has remained focused on building only custom-enclosed trailers. Our custom built trailers have many advantages for our customers, like instant access to sales, design, and production, without having to go through layers of staffing. Plus, our build team has the freedom to act quickly, and to pay close attention to every detail from concept to completion. This winning formula has won over customers from all over the world, from Racing, to Specialty, including Governments.

Don’t be fooled by low prices and yesterday’s technology: Only experienced Designers, Craftsman, and Quality Materials, can guarantee you years of performance and maintenance-free reliability. Benjamin Franklin’s quote is still true today: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

Did you know? TPD’s Composite Trailers are not affected by humidity! During Hurricane Katrina, many FEMA (aluminum-sided) Trailers were deemed uninhabitable due to Formaldehyde fumes. Formaldehyde is used in the manufacturing process of plywood, paneling, and other wood based products. During humid Conditions plywood interiors become saturated with moisture. When the temperature rises, Formaldehyde fumes are released into the air. Formaldehyde is known to cause many serious breathing related problems.


  • Yokota Air Force Base
  • Travis Air Force Base (Qty 3)
  • McGuire Air Force Base
  • Whiteman Air Force Base
  • Grissom Air Force Base
  • Moffet Field USAF (Qty 5)
  • Edwards Air Force Base
  • US Secret Service, Wash (Qty 2)
  • US West Point Academy
  • US Army
  • FBI (Qty 5)
  • Lawrence Livermore Labs (Qty 3)
  • Los Alamos National Lab (Qty 2)
  • NASA
  • NASA L-3 Vertex
  • NY/NJ Port Authority (Qty 5)
  • Idaho National Labratory
  • VA, Long Beach, CA (Qty 2)
  • CCPoa Cal Correctional Peace
  • City Of Davis PD
  • City Of El Cerrito PD
  • City Of Elk Grove PD (Qty 2)
  • City Of Folsom PD
  • City Of Lincoln PD
  • City Of Merced PD
  • City Of Modesto PD
  • City Of Pacifica PD
  • City Of Roseville
  • City Of Rancho Cordova PD
  • City Of Sacramento PD
  • City Of Santa Barbara PD
  • City Of South San Francisco PD
  • Contra Costa County PD
  • San Mateo County PD
  • City Of Stockton PD (Qty 4)
  • Placer Co. Sheriffs Dept.
  • Sacramento Co. Sheriffs Dept
  • San Bernadino Co. Sheriffs Dept
  • County of San Bernadino PD
  • Sacramento DART
  • Tinian/ Siapan
  • City Of Benicia Fire Dept
  • City Of Torrance Fire Dept
  • Sacramento Fire Dept
  • Arizona ADPS (Qty 3)
  • County Of Sacramento Airports
  • Washoe County, Coroner
  • Telescopic Camera Cranes (Qty 6)
  • Panavision (Qty 2)
  • Confluence Enviremental, Inc
  • Korbel Wine Co.
  • Bronco Wine Co.
  • PG & E
  • UNOCAL (Qty 3)
  • DHI Services Inc (Qty 12)
  • Cascade Innovation
  • Shell Oil Company
  • Sierra Sac Valley EMS
  • California American Water North
  • Tree Fire International
  • Sacramento Reg. Transit District
  • Fremont Rideout Health Group
  • Sutter Roseville Medical Center
  • Kaiser Permanente Hospital
  • Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital
  • Woodland Memorial Hospital
  • Sutter Davis Hospital
  • Rideout Memorial Hospital
  • Tower Tech
  • Vertex Aerospace LLC
  • State Of Ohio
  • Yolo County Health Dept
  • Gen Atomics Aero Systems
  • Symbolic Motors (Qty 2)
  • LA prep Studios (Qty 4)
  • Universal Studios
  • Granite Construction
  • Vocal Booth
  • AAA Insurance (Qty 3)
  • TESLA Motors
  • McLaren
  • Plus Many More


  • We have been manufacturing trailers since 1984 and we have built everything from mobile flight towers to alpaca carriers. We have the experience.

  • We build our trailers from quality materials and with care.

  • We are not a mass production manufacturer. Each trailer is custom built.

  • The trailer that you buy and or order will not leave this shop without a thorough quality inspection.

  • When you put a deposit down you get drawings from our designer who has been here for 20 + years and counting.

  • We have multiple returning customers who refuse to buy anything other then TPD Trailers Inc.

  • We sell directly to our customers – factory direct which means no middle men.

  • We take great pride in our name and company, and it shows in every trailer we produce.


  • This is my first experience with TPD but after having my trailer for just 5 months I am so impressed with the quality I would not even consider going with anyone else for my next project.Paul M. / Audio Visual Technician / Los Angeles CA.

TPD’s has a YouTube Channel

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