Slide AVAILABLE SOON Slide Generator Compartment
w/ Slide Rack & Lockable
Generator Door
Storage Compartment 7 Drawer Toolbox D-Rings
Slide 8' Wall Cabinet
On Curbside
Spare Tire
W/ Wall Mount
Ramp Door w/
Anti Skid Liner
12V LED Scene
Light w/ Aluminum
Pre- Wire For A/C 12V LED Double Dome
This Stock Will Now Have A
Double Row Of E-Track On Both Sides
-----------> <----------
Slide Generator Compartment * Generator Slide Rack
Fits A Portable 3000W
70 Watt Breaker Panel Generator Door w/ Lock Ladder To Access
The Roof
Tandem 5.2K Axles
w/ 15" Goodyear
Endurance's Load
Range E Tires
5' Z Tongue
Slide 12V LED Loading Lights 12V LED Running Lights ATP Stone Guard Aluminum Corner Caps Slide Solid Steel
Skid Casters
12V LED Scene Lights Side Man Door 110 Weather
Proof Outlet
Reverse Lights

After you get your new to you TPD feel free to call bring it in and have it customized to your needs or just schedule it in for general maintenance.

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